~ Version
R 3.4.1 Single Candle (2017-06-30)
Bioc 3.6 (bioc-release)
TnT 1.1.3

Different Track Types and Their Constructors

There are different track types and constructors in TnT. The constructors are provided to construct a track from distinct sources which are generally standard format used in many bioconductor packages (e.g. GRanges that represents genomic positions and possible annotations; TxDb that represents gene and transcript information).

Track constructors are provided in TnT to construct tracks with different types and from different sources. The following table shows available track types and their instances. Links in the table have further description and examples for the track types and constructors.

Link Example
Block Track
Pin Track
Line Track and Area Track
Vline Track
Gene Track and Feature Track
Tx Track and GroupFeature Track
Composite Track